We can help as much or as little as you require.

The starting point is generally gap analysis.  Whether you are starting from scratch or need help meeting the requirements of any revisions to the standard, gap analysis will establish how close you are to complying with the standard.

Once we have established what you need to do in order to meet the relevant requirements we can work with you on a timetable and detail our respective responsibilities.  We can prepare draft documentation for your approval or we can review the documentation you provide.  As we have said above, we can undertake the bulk of the work or we can provide help and guidance.

It is important that we spend some time getting to know your business and how it operates.  Whilst there is a standard to be achieved, Lexcel is not an off the shelf tick box exercise.  It’s a way of working which requires buy in from all of your people and documentation which is tailored to you and your business.  You have to do what you say you will do.  Your staff will need to demonstrate that they know what your procedures are as well as complying with them.  By over using standardised, off the shelf documentation, you risk being caught out by your assessor very quickly.

We can also provide training sessions for staff or train the trainer sessions so that dedicated people in your business can deliver training in the key areas.

If you wish we can undertake some sample file audits to identify any trends, potential non compliances and areas for improvement.  This will also introduce your people to the concept of an external person auditing their work.

We can help you set up a committee and attend meetings during the implementation of the standard to provide support to those responsible in your organisation for the administration and roll out, helping to iron out any teething problems with particular elements of the standard which are proving difficult or any wider issues of engagement.

Finally, we can undertake a pre-assessment review, just to check that you are ready for your assessment.


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